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Reminder: Studio will be closed the week of Thanksgiving!


Studio Movie Night

Come in your jammies Friday Nov 15th from 6-8:30 pm to watch the new “Aladdin”. Bring a pillow and blanket! Parents can stay or drop off (siblings welcome). Popcorn and drinks will be served. Please RSVP here


**Emailed 11/8/19



*Teachers will post here what they are working on in class so you can help them at home

3 – Mark your calendar for the recital on Dec 14th – ALL students will participate (Inform me now if you can’t make it)

4 – GET SHOES (see below)


Mark Your Calendars!


Recital will be held on Saturday December 14th at 6 p.m. (performers must be there by 5:30 in FULL COSTUME).  *Please make sure they are fed and have used the potty before arrival. 
*There will not be a rehearsal this year, teachers will practice walking them on and off the floor at the studio 

Location: Canaan Land Ranch 400 County Road 3821 San Antonio, Texas 78253 (It’s about a 15-20 minute drive to the West of us)

**Please let me know now if you WILL NOT be there**

For those performing, Costumes are being ordered soon and will be distributed early December.  (Account must be paid in full to receive costume)

We only have 5 more practices until recital, so PLEASE, NO ABSENCES

*Although you are welcome to stay and watch during class, we ask that you PLEASE keep quiet and reduce distractions.  Most parents just drop off and return at class end and we have found that they typically do better in this scenerio – however, we know that the younger age groups may still need you – so whatever is best for your child.  Tiny Tots is only 30 minutes long, so we understand that it makes sense to stay with them.


Performers will sit to the side of the performance floor in groups by class with their teachers. (a parent may sit with small children there if needed during the show).

*There will be a pop-up changing room nearby for those that are in more than once class and require costume changes. Parents may help their child if needed as there may only be 3 minutes to change before their next number.

Recital schedule will be as follows: (This order may change – we are trying to accommodate those in multiple classes that have costume changes)

  1. Acting and Improv (Thurs 4:00 pm class)
  2. Jr Jazz & Ballet (Thurs 5:00 pm class)
  3. Jr Tumble (Thurs 6:00 pm class)
  4. Tiny Tots (wed 5:30 pm class)
  5. Soundsations (Tues 4:30 pm class)
  6. Pre Jazz & Tumble (Wed 6:00 pm class)
  7. Soundsations (Tues 4:30 pm class)
  8. Mini Jazz & Ballet (Tues 6:30 pm class)
  9. Sr Jazz & Ballet (Tues 5:30 pm class)
  10. Pre Jazz & Ballet (Tues 10:00 am class)
  11. Cheerleading (Thurs 7:00 pm class)

You may take pictures and video record the recital.  Our studio photographer, Meagan Banner will take action photo’s during the performances and she will give us digital access to the file so you can download what you want.  We will also have someone video recording each performance. (Formal Class pictures will be taken sometime in the spring)


**Shoe requirements for each class:

YOU will be responsible for the shoes as follows – Please get them NOW, if you don’t already have some!  If you do already have them, please clean them up, polish etc so they look nice.

  • Dance classes: nude or pink colored ballet slippers.  You can find these at Target or Walmart.  If you already have some, just clean them so they look nice.  Please tie the bow in a double knot and then cut the strings off.

  • Tumbling: they will perform with bare feet, so no shoes are required.

  • Cheerleading: All white athletic shoes – (Walmart and Target should have some)

  • Soundsations (Singing):
    • GIRLS:Black Mary Jane dress shoes – any style, shiny or matte, with heel or without (Walmart and Target should have some)

  • BOYS: Black Dress Shoes – any style (slip on, with laces, with buckles etc)


  • Acting and Improv: Any pair of athletic shoes – This class will not have a set costume since it will change depending on the skit.  We will provide a t-shirt and you may wear jeans or anything else Ashley suggests.  We will provide props, masks etc to accent the performance.


**Hair requirements for each  class:

  • Dance and dance/tumble combo classes: Hair in a high middle bun on the top/back of the head with the bow/clip on left side nestled next to the bun (no loose hairs, spray down with hairspray)


  • Tumbling:  1 side braid into a side ponytail (pull all hair under the child’s left ear into a ponytail).  It doesn’t have to be a french braid, just a regular braid is fine

Image result for side braid kids

  • Cheerleading:  High back Pony Tail (curly or not) with the bow toward the front (no loose hairs, spray down with hairspray). If your hair is too short to all fit, then half up is fine.

  • Soundsations (Singing): Hair Half Up with bow toward the front (curly or straight)

  • Acting and Improv: Hair can be any way that you like it.  🙂

That’s it for now!  We will post more updates as we think of them!

Have a great day!


Text me at 210-569-2763 with Q’s




**Studio will be closed Thursday for Halloween**


Posted 9/10/19

Dance Moms! Join this group! Jordan will be posting videos with new counts to the routines so you can practice with your child at home! https://www.facebook.com/groups/387323045236354/?source_id=2566290506929748


Posted 9/10/19

IT’S BRING A FRIEND FREE WEEK!  We will see you and your best buddy in class!


Posted 9/10/19

Mark your Calendars! The Recitals are SCHEDULED! They will be held on Saturday December 14th at 6:00 p.m. and Saturday May 30th at 6:00 p.m. at the Canaan Land Ranch Event Center https://www.canaanlandranch.com/ 400 County Road 3821 San Antonio, Texas 78253


Classes will re-open on Sept 3rd 2019!  Enjoy your summer!


Posted 7/12/19

FALL KICK OFF – OPEN  HOUSE! August 24th 2019 from 11 am – 2 pm at 727 Ranch Falls

All are invited to see the studio, meet the instructors, eat some goodies and have a little fun! It’s FREE so invite your neighbors!

More details at: https://www.facebook.com/events/2330625893817692/


Emailed 5/28/19
Team and Individual Photo Shoot

**PLEASE show up, even if you don’t plan on purchasing photo’s.  Here is the schedule and info below:

Location: Weston Oaks Park (the park near my house)
12500 Reid Ranch 78245

Day: Wednesday May 29th and Thursday May 30th (see your team’s day and time below)

What to wear: In Full Costume, hair and shoes (see details below)

Instructions: You will meet as a group for your team photo and then each dancer will get an Individual photo taken as well.
The photo package is $20 and comes with:

  • The digital rights to ALL your Individual photos from the photo shoot (about 3 different poses each plus the team photo)
  • PLUS 1 5×7 team and 1 5×7 individual (beautifully printed and ready to pick up at the recital).
  • AND as a BONUS: The digital rights for all action/candid photo’s taken the night of the recital

Multi Class/Sibling Discount: $10.00 for each additional class and/or sibling registered.

*This is a steal of a deal!

Bring Attached Order Form with Cash or Check payable to: Meagan Banner

WEDNESDAY THE 29TH – Please arrive at least 10 minutes early ready to go!

6:00 p.m.  3-4 Year Old Creative Movement (tuesday 10 am class)
6:30 p.m.  5-6 Year Old Creative Movement (tuesday 5 pm class)
7:00 p.m.  9-12 Year Old Jazz/Ballet (tuesday 4 pm class)

THURSDAY THE 30TH- Please arrive at least 10 minutes early ready to go!

6:00 p.m.  5-6 Year Old Creative Movement (wednesday 5 pm class)
6:30 p.m.  6-8 Year Old Jazz/Ballet (wednesday 4 pm class)
7:00 p.m.  5-12 Year Old Tumbling (wednesday 6 pm class)
7:30 p.m.  5-12 Year Old Cheerleading (wednesday 7 pm class)

Shoe requirements for each class:

  • Creative Movement and Jazz/Ballet Classes:  nude or pink colored ballet slippers (you can find these at payless, target or walmart *Payless is having a going out of business sale – all is 75% off – start there). If you already have some, just clean them so they look nice.

  • Tumbling: they will perform with bare feet, so no shoes are required, but for pictures, just wear some athletic shoes, any style.

No Photo

  • Cheerleading: All white athletic shoes – (try Payless first since they are having a 75% off sale, but Walmart and Target should have some too)

Hair requirements for each class:

  • Age 3-8 Creative Movement and Jazz/Ballet Classes:  Hair in a high middle bun on the top/back of the head with the bow/clip toward the front (no loose hairs, spray down with hairspray)

  • Age 9+ Jazz/Ballet Classes: You will wear your hair in a low middle bun with the hat.  The hat comes with a yellow band around it and should be in your bag with the gloves.  You may need to glue on some felt inside to make it fit tighter and avoid falling off.  Also, if you didn’t get the previous email, please wear a black short sleeved leotard under the costume. (not shown in picture)

  • Tumbling:  1 side braid into a side ponytail (pull all hair under the child’s left ear into a ponytail).  It doesn’t have to be a french braid, just a regular braid is fine

Image result for side braid kids

  • Cheerleading: High back Pony Tail (curly or not, doesn’t matter) with the bow toward the front (no loose hairs, spray down with hairspray)




Date and Time: Saturday June 15th 2019 – Show starts at 6:00 p.m. (all students must arrive at 5 pm in FULL costume for a walk through before recital starts).
Please make sure they are fed and have used the potty before arrival.

They will be in the care of their teacher when they arrive, but a parent is welcome to stay with the group to help as well.
Please leave siblings with the other parent so as not to distract.  Students may wear some makeup if you are comfortable with that.

Location: Canaan Land Ranch

400 County Road 3821

San Antonio, Texas 78253


You make take pictures and video record the recital. Remember, you also get digital access for all the professional pictures Meagan takes of the show with your $20 photo package.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!




Emailed 4/30/19

Yay!  Some of our costumes are in!  (The only class still missing is the Tuesday 3-5 year olds at 10 a.m. – I will notify you when they arrive).

1.  Parents must “SIGN OFF” that you received your costume, so come inside to get them this week!  Costumes will not be handed off to the student without you!  If you have not yet paid for your costume, please contact me to make arrangements before your costume is released.

2.  Please go home and try them on carefully! (There are no returns and you are responsible to repair damages to your costume). **Please don’t allow your child to wear them until performance time to prevent them from getting damaged.

Most should fit just right, but let me know if you feel an alteration is needed.

*Cheer uniforms will not be going home with you this week, you will try them on at the studio so we can determine alterations and then we will take them back so we can get the team logo put on!

3.  Group Pictures will be taken on June 15th in full costume at Canaan Land Ranch before the Recital Starts (between 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.). We will notify you of your group’s scheduled arrival time before hand. The recital will start at 6:30 p.m.

4.  Our “Fun Day” Fundraiser is scheduled for May 18th.  It will be held at the Weston Oaks Park from 10 am to 2 pm and we will have fun activities for the kids to do that day.  We will invite all the neighboring communities to join in the fun, and we may even have the students perform (I’ll chit chat with the teachers about that).  We will charge a small admission to participate (your kids are free), and will do a bake sale.  Any funds collected will be divided up and applied toward the recital fee as a whole.  If you have anything you can donate for raffle prizes, please bring it to the studio.  I will make up fliers that you can pass out to friends soon.
We will need a lot of Canopies, tables, chairs, activities (ideas), baked goods for the bake sale, raffle prizes and volunteers to help with it all!  Please let me know if you can help, lend or donate anything!

Call or text anytime! 210-569-2763
Emailed 3/3/19

Hi Dancers! In case you are not on our Facebook page yet, here is the information for our recital and a reminder that we will be CLOSED during Spring Break (March 10th – 16th)

The recital will be held June 15th at 6:00 p.m. at:

The Canaan Land Ranch
400 County Road 3812
San Antonio, Texas 78253
https://www.canaanlandranch.com/There will be a few fees associated with this recital, so here is the schedule of when it is due.*Please reply and let me know if you will NOT be participating in the recital.
(If it is a financial issue, I can work out an extended payment plan, please allow your child to participate!)ALL classes are scheduled to perform (jazz/ballet, creative movement, tumbling, cheer and hip hop)Costume:  $55.00 per person per class. Due 4/15/19
Recital Fee: $50.00 per family. Due 5/15/19.  This will help us cover the cost of the facility rental and we will NOT charge an entrance fee, so feel free to invite EVERYONE!Fun Day Fundraiser:
When the weather gets warmer, (sometime in April probably) we will set up a Fun Day Fundraiser at the park.  Let’s tentatively schedule it for April 27th.  We will split the profit with any student that participates and helps.  The funds will get applied toward your account to help with these costs.  We can sell baked goods, have activities and other fun things to participate in.  We will advertise leading up to it.  More to come about this…Thanks and we will see you soon!~Karen Heaton
210-569-2763 (feel free to text me anytime)