Recogntion Wall

We want to honor all those helping the studio come to life with generous donations and sponsorships by creating a Recognition Wall that will stay up in the studio forever! Each person, family or business that donates will get their name engraved on a plate and fastened to the wall. This is a rough draft of what I’m envisioning for the wall:

Donations of $25 or more come with an engraved name plate for the wall. Don’t miss your chance to be honored forever as a founding supporter of our studio!

STEP 1: Fill out form:

STEP 2: Submit your donation:

VENMO: @adrenaline-business

Need an alternate way to pay? email me at:

Thank you SO much! Your donation means the WORLD to us! We will get your name plate ready and fastened to the wall soon! I will post a picture of the finished project here when we are complete!