School Rewards

“Give Back” School Rewards Program

As a mommy of 5 in elementary, I can appreciate the efforts our school districts go through to provide much needed supplies and activities for the kids.  That’s why we created the “Give Back” School Rewards Program.

Our studio, comprised of Dance, Cheerleading, Tumbling, Acting and Singing classes is located near Lieck Elementary.

When your school participates, we can provide a win-win environment that benefits us both!

Part of the proceeds from your school referrals go back to your school EVERY MONTH as a donation – AND benefits our TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) which allows students with financial difficulty to continue participating in our studio classes, regardless of Income.  The more students you refer, the more kids can take part in our classes!

How it works:

  1. Register to participate (Please make sure you have the Principal’s authorization first)
  2. Save or Print the Flier Image Below and Send it out to all of your parents (through Remind or other means)
  3. When new students register, they will let us know YOUR SCHOOL referred them.  We will issue your school a donation check for the proceeds every month for each student participating from your school. (Sept-May)


We are closest to the neighborhoods and areas of the following schools:

  • John Hoffman
  • Bennie L Cole
  • Clarence Galm
  • Langley
  • Herbert G. Boldt
  • Edmund Lieck
  • Gregory Luna
  • Paul Ott
  • Mora
  • Bobbye Behlau
  • Nora Forester
  • Big Country
  • Fisher
  • Kriewald Road
  • Mary Burns Michael
  • Ed Cody
  • Bob Lewis
  • Dr Winn Murnin
  • Dr Joe Bernal
  • Francis R Scobee
  • Robert L. Vale
  • E.M. Pease
  • H.B. Zachary
  • Jack C. Jordan
  • Northside Alternative
  • Medina Valley
  • Mc. Nair
  • Kallison Ranch
  • Wallace B Jefferson
  • Dr John Folks
  • William J. Brennan
  • William H. Taft
  • Harlan
  • Earl Warren




2.  SAVE this image and send it out to your parents through Remind (or other means). Repeat several times throughout the year to catch new students as well.


We will send you a detailed list and donation check each month for those that register from your referral.