Talent Pay and Register

STEP 1: Fill out and submit this Registration Form

*Need to register more than 3 Participants?  Just submit a new form!

Once all your participants have been registered (only those you have guardianship over) – go to Step 2 to submit your payment

*If there are friends and/or a team of people involved in your entry, each of those parents must submit their own form, payment and sign their consent.

STEP 2: Submit Your Entry Fee

Click the number of participants you are paying for:

*Need to pay for more than 3 participants?  Just submit again.

STEP 3: Email your work, images and videos (as applicable) to adrenalinedance@gmail.com before the entry deadline

       *For detailed instructions and information on submitting entries, go back to the INFORMATION PAGE


Liability Waiver and Release – Please Read In Full

*By submitting this form, you are agreeing to all the terms in the Liability Waiver and Release.  You acknowledge all entries are genuine and you are not taking credit for someone else’s work, that you are not violating any copy rites, royalties or any other infringements and that you have authorization from any and all parties involved, including professionals you may have used (like a photography releases etc). You give Adrenaline Productions LLC rights to publish, post and/or display Talent entries and Cover Model Images as desired. You assume full liability in behalf of anyone you and/or your participants represent, including, but not limited to, all risks as part of participation with Adrenaline Productions LLC, and any of it’s affiliations, for any reason.  You acknowledge that you also have full consent in regards to participation from any other parent/guardian not listed on this form and that they have agreed to give you authorization to submit this form, and these talent/cover model entries in behalf of your participants.  There are NO refunds! Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification. Disputes about award placements will not be tolerated. All decisions are final.