Tryout Results Dance

Scroll Down to see the Videos for Virtual Tryouts – for those who couldn’t come to Saturday’s Workshop

RESULTS from Saturday Workshop

Thank you to all who came to the workshop! You are all beautiful dancers and we are so happy you are joining us on this journey! They all did pretty good withstanding the long practice, they maintained good attitudes and quickly seemed to welcome each other and begin making a team bond. That made our hearts happy to witness! It’s going to be a great year!

As you know, we are splitting the team this year to make a Mini and a Jr Team. These teams do not represent level of ability, but rather, we decided to group more by age as their technique was all at a similar level (for the most part) As I suspected, no one was cut due to ability alone. We saw great effort and potential and we know time will help us refine their natural skills.

So congratulations to all of our new Team Members Below!

IMPORTANT: Our FIRST practice will be June 1st!  PLEASE be in attendance, because we will be measuring you for your practice gear that night!  

  • Dancers, please get TAN Jazz shoes. (not ballet slippers)
  • You may wear something similar to what you wore to the tryouts until our practice gear comes in!

We will be sending out the BAND group link very soon so you can stay informed with things that are particular to your team and communicate with your coach.

Mini Company:

  • Adelyn Heaton
  • Aislyn Struthers
  • Aubrey Benavides
  • Diana Diaz
  • Emma Wood
  • Zoey Moss
  • Shirley Welch

Jr Company:

  • Annelise Benavides
  • Guiliana Leyva
  • Jayleen Melendez
  • Kenna Bailey Parks
  • Ladea Sherwin-Wright
  • Lilly Heaton

The following are doing the virtual tryout. We will update the list when we receive their Tryout Video (Could not attend Workshop). Please let me know if someone is missing from this list.

  • Briana Thomas
  • Isla Ortiz
  • Leilani Alejandro
  • Penelope Smith

VIRTUAL TRYOUTS – For those that couldnt come to the Saturday Workshop:

Virtual Learners, please learn the 3 dances below (Jazz, Hip Hop & Lyrical), record yourself doing the 3 dances and submit them to us at no later than May 24th. Please also record a short clip of you telling us about yourself (your name, age and anything you want to share, we just want a glimpse of your sparkling personality)


Jazz with counts form the from view

Jazz with counts from the back view

Jazz with the music


Hip Hop with counts front view

Hip Hop with counts back view

Hip Hop with music


Lyrical with counts front view

Lyrical with counts back view

Lyrical with music