TEEN – V.I.P Membership

It’s never too late to start dancing!  We created our VIP program just for Teens!

V.I.P. is a GREAT option for Pre Teens and Teens (ages 11-18). We have a variety of class styles and classes just for you! And for one flat rate, you can take them all! (Competition Team is not included)


Regular PRICE per Participant for the VIP program is: $185.00/Month (Unlimited Classes!)

Fill out the form below to select classes for the VIP participant:

RECITAL COSTUMES Please keep in mind that each class will be performing in the recital and will have their own costume expense.  (up to $75 each).  We do fundraisers throughout the year to help with these expenses – or you can “opt out” of the performance and still participate in the classes.

*Please note: Participants can not switch classes from week to week, choose the classes you want to stay in.  We work on specific routines that will be performed in the recital.  No long term commitment is required, you can still cancel at anytime.

Before filling out the form, look at the class list and make sure the classes you want won’t overlap times.  I will let you know if classes you want have a conflicting schedule so you can choose which you would rather take.   >>Take me to CLASS SCHEDULE



*Pricing and availability is subject to change next season.