SHOW VIDEOS >>>https://adrenalinedance.studio/show-videos/

WHEN: SATURDAY Evening – MAY 20th at Pedrotti’s Ranch 13715 FM 1560 N Helotes, TX 78023 – We will be in the LONE OAK room.

We have a professional videographer coming to record the show. She will record from multiple angles and put it together in a stunning video!!! She does amazing work! You can pre-order a copy for $25.00 now: (please add your child’s name in the note)

Venmo: @adrenaline-business
CASH APP: $KarenHeaton2
ZELLE: events.adrenaline@gmail.com
APPLE PAY: 210-330-2762

A lot of Information on this page! Take the time to read thoroughly!!!


**1st block: Performer Arrival – be there between 4:00 – 4:30 pm so they can eat and you can reserve a table for your family. A parent must stay with the child during this time. Arrive fully dressed and ready – just put on a large t-shirt over their costume to protect from spilling. Tights can rip – please prevent your child from crawling around on the floors. You may bring them to the waiting room through the doors on the left side wall to meet with their teachers and classmates between 5:00-5:15 pm. The rest of your family should arrive by 5:15 – show starts at 5:30 pm and ends by 6:15 pm.

(**It’s ok if your table is in the back of the hall away from the stage, enjoy eating there and visiting with your family. When it’s your child’s turn, you may come up to the front to video record and take pictures. ) Please clean up your table for the next group to arrive


Routine #BLOCK 1
5:30 pmWELCOME
1Hip Hop – 4-7 (wed 6:30)
2Jazz & Ballet Pre-K Monday Ages 3-4 (mon 5:30)
3Ballet Mini 5:30 pm Ages 5-6 (wed 5:30)
4Ballet Mini 6:30 pm Ages 5-6 (wed 6:30)
5Jazz Ages 5-18 (thurs 6:30)
6Jazz & Ballet Pre-K AM Ages 3-4 (tues 10:00)
7Tumbling Ages 5-6 (tues 5:30)
8Tiny Tots Ages 24mos-36mos (mon 6:00)
9Tumbling Ages 3-4 5:30 pm (wed 5:30)
10Mini Cheer Ages 4-7 Beg (tues 6:30)

**2nd block: Performer Arrival – be there between 5:30- 6:00 pm so they can eat. The 1st block show will still be going on, please stay with your child in the food court while eating. Please wait until after 6:30 pm to find a table for your family (after the 1st block is over and the families exit). Students should arrive fully dressed and ready in their costumes – have them wear a large t-shirt over their costume to protect from food spills during dinner. Tights can rip, please prevent them from crawling on the floors. Take them back to the waiting area through the doors on the left side wall by 6:45 pm. The show starts at 7:00 pm. We should be finished by 8:30 p.m.

(**It’s ok if your table is in the back of the hall away from the stage, enjoy eating there and visiting with your family. When it’s your child’s turn, you may come up to the front to video record and take pictures. )


PLEASE NOTE: This block contains dancers involved in almost every routine – there will be a break after every routine to allow them time to change into their next costume! Just enjoy your meals and conversations during these breaks! 🙂

Routine #BLOCK 2
7:00 pmWELCOME
11 Acting and Improv Ages 7-18 (thurs 5:30)
12The Halo’s Dance Company – Jazz
13Ballet Jr Ages 7-9 (tues 7:30)
14The Halo’s Dance Company – Lyrical

15Ballet Sr Ages 10-18 (wed 7:30)
16Kylie Norris – Soloist
17The Halo’s Dance Company – Hip Hop
18Sophia Mccleskey – Soloist
19Hip Hop – 8-18 (tues 6:30)
20Christine Rivera and Ashtyn Palmer – Duet
21Jr Cheer Ages 8-18 Beg/Int (tues 7:30)
22Tumbling Ages 9-18 (wed 7:30)
23Tumbling Ages 7-8 (wed 6:30)
24Angels Cheer – Competition Team (M TH 6:30)
25Special Performance

We do not anticipate limiting the number of family members attending – but there will only be 8 chairs to a table.  Please reserve a chair at your table for your performer as they will come sit with you when they are finished for the night!

ARRIVAL: Each performer will receive a discount coupon for 50% off their meal at the show.  Stop off at the little ticket counter to pick up their coupon. They should arrive for their block, dressed and ready to go with hair and makeup done in their 1st performance costume and tights (performance order will be posted soon) Please wear a long t-shirt OVER your costume to protect it from spills during dinner.  One parent MUST stay with the performer during this time to see they get fed before the show and reserve your table for your family.  

**If you are ONLY coming for block 2, please make sure to stay in the dining area to eat.  You may go in and reserve your family table after 6:45 pm when the 1st block clears out.

PERFORMER DINNER INSTRUCTIONS : We are very excited to incorporate dinner with our show again this year!  Go to the check in table to pick up your performers 50% off discounted dinner ticket when you arrive.  Please have them sit down at a table in the dining area and eat when they arrive (before the show starts).  See menu below.

WAITING ROOM: Your child’s class will be sitting together as a group IN THE ORDER of performance in the waiting room. There will be helpers with each class to keep them stay quiet and settled, however one parent is welcome to wait there with your child if needed until they perform. Just keep in mind that space is limited! We will have several check point stations with our staff in the waiting room, on deck, and on stage to help your performer enter and exit properly.

AFTER THEY PERFORM: DO NOT PICK UP YOUR CHILD AT THE STAGE!!!  It causes mass chaos at the stage entrance and kids get lost in the shuffle and/or pushed and injured, causing delays and confusion.  Your child will return to the waiting room with their class after performing and you may pick them up back there.

DRESS: The Dinner Show is “Sunday Best” so come to watch dressed nice!

ROSES: We will have Beautiful Long Stem Roses available for purchase at the show that you can give to your performer. $3.00 each.   We will take cash, venmo and cash app


SPECTATOR DINNER: Concessions will remain open and available during the entire show.  You may order food and eat at any point during the show – but please do not move around or get up from your table during a performance – move inbetween performances.   And please do so quietly as the show will run continuously.  Please also keep voices quiet as you converse amongst your table.

MENU: Prices range from $10.00-$12.00/plate TBA

  • Brisket, chips and drink: 

  • Brisket Nachos and drink:  

  • Beef  Hot Dogs, Chips and drink: 

  • Mac & Cheese, Chips and drink: 

  • MISC: Snacks, Sodas, Bottle Water, Gatorade, Candy Bars 

  • **Alcoholic beverages are available as well**

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO:  When it is time for your child to perform, you may come up to the front and video/take pictures.  PLEASE sit low so as not to block anyone behind you.  You are welcome to take photos and videos during the show and livestream the performance for anyone watching at home.  Please make sure you are not blocking anyone’s view while doing so.  Our photographer will be taking some action/candid shots throughout the night and we will be doing video for all the routines.  

**DURING THE SHOW: Please be quiet while at your tables, please whisper so as not to disrupt the performers.  Please remain seated while a routine is being performed – and only get up inbetween performances if needed.  Please clap and cheer for ALL routines, even if it is not your child.

AFTER YOUR CHILD PERFORMS:  After each group performs, they will walk back to the waiting area with their teacher.  If your child is only in one class routine, you may come get them to sit with you at your table for the rest of the show. (put the t-shirt back on to protect costume).   If they are in more than one routine, please go with them to help them quickly change into their next costume and then bring them back to the waiting area with their teacher. 

COSTUME CHANGING: Parents, please keep your childs costume bag at the table with you, (not in the waiting room) and meet them in the restroom or changing area to help them quickly change for their next routine. Then bring them back to the waiting area with their class to perform.

AWARDS:  We will have a table set up with an award for EACH child’s class that they are in.  Please be sure to pick yours up while you are there!

COSTUMES: Store it in a safe place! Hang on a hanger and fluff out the skirt (if applicable) – don’t lose the hair accessory (if it comes with one).  *Account must be paid in full to receive costumes.

  • When it arrives, try the outfit on, but not the tights! It should fit snugly.  (Don’t put on the tights until you are dressing for the actual recital).  Feel free to pin up or make slight alterations to allow a better fit (without compromising the look of the costume – reach out to us if you need help with this – no charge)


Shoe requirements for each class:

YOU will be responsible for the shoes as follows – Please get them NOW, if you don’t already have some!  If you do already have them, please clean them up, polish etc so they look nice.

  • Ballet classes: nude or pink colored ballet slippers.  You can find these at Target or Walmart.  If you already have some, just clean them so they look nice.  Please tie the bow in a double knot and then cut the strings off.

If you can’t find any in stores, you can get them on Amazon – but it takes a few days.  If buying online, go 1 full size UP from their true shoe size.  For example, if your daughter’s toe fits to the edge of a size 13 shoe, then order a size 1 ballet slipper.  If your daughter has toe space in a size 13 (so her true size is probably a 12 1/2), then get a size 13 1/2.  (The idea is to get 1 full size bigger).

  • Jazz Classes: Tan Jazz Shoes (shown below), or nude colored Ballet Slippers (shown above)

  • Dance Company Competition Team: Tan Jazz Shoes

  • Hip Hop classes: Any Athletic Shoes

  • Tumbling: they will perform with bare feet, so no shoes are required.

  • Cheerleading & Pom: All white athletic shoes and white ankle socks – (Walmart and Target should have some)

  • Acting and Improv: Any pair of non-slip shoes (athletics would be best) – This class will not have a set costume since it will change depending on the skit.  We will provide a t-shirt and you may wear jeans or anything else the teacher suggests.  


  • Acting & Improv:  Hair can be any style you wish, but please do something to keep it out of your face – like half up, or a pony tail.
  • Angels Cheer Team, Mini Cheer and Jr Cheer:
  • Tiny Tots (ages 2-4) Pre Jazz/Ballet (ages 3-4) Ballet Mini (ages 5-6) Ballet Jr (7-8) and Ballet Sr (9+): High Bun, no part. Hair Accessory will go in front of bun on the top of the head
  • Dance Company – Mini and Jr:
  • Hip Hop Classes 
  • Jazz (5+), and Pom Class: low side ponytail. Right part. under left ear.
  • Tumbling (ages 3-4), (ages 5-6), (ages 7-8) (any color bands) with scrunchie at the bottom
  • Tumbling Sr (9+): 2 French braids with the scrunchie on a low pony tail.