Competition Teams

Hi!  Welcome to the Competition Team Page!


**We will allow a late tryout in June for anyone joining late or for those who couldn’t make it to the initial tryout – please let us know your interest by emailing

  • Dance Company (Ages 7+) Company is our Competitive Dance Team.  We will combine multiple dance styles, refine and clean technique, encourage more difficult steps, leaps and jumps and form a team bond.  We will encourage leadership and set an example for the whole studio of good sportsmanship.  We will perform and compete in multiple events.
  • Adrenaline Angels Cheer (Ages 7+) – Angels is our Competitive Cheerleading Team.  Our routines combine cheers, dancing, jumps, kicks and stunts (taking necessary safety precautions).  Tumbling may also be incorporated for those that know how, but it is not taught in this class. We will encourage leadership and set an example for the whole studio of good sportsmanship.  We will perform and compete in multiple events.

2022/2023 Class Schedule:

DANCE TEAM – CLASS TIMES Ages 7+        

>Halo’s Sr Dance Co: Tues 6:30-7:30 | |Thurs 6:30-8:30 pm

>Halo’s Jr Dance Co: T/TH 5:00-6:30 pm

>Halo’s Mini Dance Co: W 5:30-6:30 pm


>Angels Cheer Team M/TH 6:30-8:30 pm

>Angels Mini  Cheer Team Mondays 6:30-7:30 pm


Tuition and Team Fees:

  • DANCE: Mini Halo’s $170.00 Jr and Sr Halo’s $215.00/month (June-May) * Flat rate. Covers all Tuition, costumes and team fees
  • CHEER: Mini Angels $170.00 and Jr Angels: $230/month (June-May) *Flat rate. Covers all Tuition, costumes and and team fees

*If a team member is allowed to join mid-season, that person’s team fees will be adjusted to cover all associated costs and will differ from the above Tuition amount. 

Fee Explanation:

*Team members will be getting practice wear, performance costumes, a team jacket, bag, and other accessories. It will also cover competition entry fees for the performer, year end team party and miscellaneous fees like music creation, copywriter licensing and costume embroidery. *does not include session fees, recital fees, spectator ticket fees or travel fees as those will vary per person. (travel costs such as hotel fees are not included – plan tentatively up to $200 for a hotel for out of town competition).

*No refunds are given whatsoever. If a team member joins later in the season, their monthly fees will be higher to adequately cover all required fees. (charged June-May) Fees collected will go into a team “pot” and will not be itemized. We have chosen the tuition price listed above to adequately cover fees that we anticipate. No credits will be issued. Please note, sibling discounts to not apply to team, tuition is already deeply discounted per hour. 


*We understand life changes, sicknesses happen and of course right now – pandemic uncertainties.  But we ask that you attend EVERY class.  (We totally understand Summer vacations. Just come as much as you can) As part of a team, your classmates depend on you to be there so they can practice spacing, new partner skills etc.  Please let your teacher know beforehand if you are traveling out of town or if you become ill.  We also ask that you commit to the team for an entire season (Classes start in June, but at least commit from September through the end of May – Exception for students that move away).    


We highly encourage students to compete and/or perform their own solo, duo, and trio routines!  You may hire any of our teachers independently for help, or come up with it on your own.  Either way, we are here to support and encourage you in that endeavor!  Entry fees, music fees, and costume fees for these types of routines are additional to what is listed above, and YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  Please let us know beforehand if you are planning to enter a routine in a competition and/OR in our Recital so we can guide you in getting registered and paid.  You will also be responsible for choosing your own costume, providing your own music and making payment arrangements with the person you hire. Competition Fees can range from $75-$95 per person. We recommend this site for costumes: Cheer: Omni Cheer Dance: www.weissmans