Team Picture Day


WHEN: April 22nd 2023

WHERE: At the Weston Oaks park (12500 Reid Ranch, San Antonio, TX 78245

Weston Oaks – down in the gully area (trees and basketball court)

**Please come so you are included in the team picture (even if you don’t want to order the pictures).

Come DRESSED AND READY in your FULL COSTUME with hair done and makeup as well!  (SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN FOR HOW TO DO YOUR HAIR!). We will have some dressing tents for you to change costumes if needed. (NO TIGHTS-we don’t want to chance any tear’s!!!)


PHOTO PACKAGE PRICING INCLUDES: Access to candid shots taken at the Recital

$30.00 per student per team.  Includes:

  • 1 5×7 Team Picture and 1 5×7 Individual in that team’s costume
  • $15.00 for each additional 5 x 7 (siblings together, or a mom and daughter etc)


  1. Pay for the number of packages you want. We take Cash, Check, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Paypal or Apple Pay (digital methods can be done anytime before you arrive – cash or check must be done at picture time) **Please put the name and class of each child you are buying for in the notes of the transaction**

Venmo: @adrenaline-business
CASH APP: $KarenHeaton2
APPLE PAY: 210-330-2762

2. Show your receipt at the desk so we can mark paid by your child’s name and verify the packages you want.

**COME DRESSED AND READY BY YOUR SCHEDULED TIME SLOT BELOW!!!  Each team will only have 10 minutes for all individuals and the team picture – So this will go really fast!

ARRIVAL Name Teacher
8:00:00 AM Staff and Teachers Karen Heaton
8:15:00 AM Acting and Improv Ages 7-18 (thurs 5:30) Tally Marie Ortiz
8:25:00 AM Ballet Jr Ages 7-9 (tues 7:30) Calleigh Grace
8:35:00 AM Hip Hop – 8-18 (tues 6:30) Spring De La Garza
8:45:00 AM Jazz Ages 5-18 (thurs 6:30) Spring De La Garza
8:55:00 AM Hip Hop – 4-7 (wed 6:30) Spring De La Garza
9:05:00 AM Tumbling Ages 7-8 (wed 6:30) Natalie Palmer
9:15:00 AM Angels Cheer – Competition Team (M TH 6:30) Morgan Botello
9:25:00 AM Jr Cheer Ages 8-18 Beg/Int (tues 7:30) Natalie Palmer
9:45:00 AM Tumbling Ages 9-18 (wed 7:30) Natalie Palmer
9:55:00 AM Dance Company – Jr Competition Team (tues 6:30) Haley Harrell
Calleigh Grace
10:05:00 AM Mini Cheer Ages 4-7 Beg (tues 6:30) Natalie Palmer
10:15:00 AM Ballet Sr Ages 10-18 (wed 7:30) Calleigh Grace
10:25:00 AM Ballet Mini 5:30 pm Ages 5-6 (wed 5:30) Emily Hewitt
10:35:00 AM Ballet Mini 6:30 pm Ages 5-6 (wed 6:30) Calleigh Grace
10:45:00 AM Jazz & Ballet Pre-K AM Ages 3-4 (tues 10:00) Calleigh Grace
11:05:00 AM Tumbling Ages 5-6 (tues 5:30) Calleigh Grace
11:15:00 AM Mother’s Day Out (MW 9:00) Ashley Butler
11:25:00 AM Tiny Tots Ages 24mos-36mos (mon 6:00) Rebecca Cintron
11:35:00 AM Jazz & Ballet Pre-K Monday Ages 3-4 (mon 5:30) Calleigh Grace
11:45:00 AM OPEN Dance – Ages 3-5 (mon 6:15) Calleigh Grace
11:55:00 AM Tumbling Ages 3-4 5:30 pm (wed 5:30) Calleigh Grace
12:05:00 PM OPEN Dance – Ages 6+ (mon 7:00) Calleigh Grace


**Some teachers changed the hairstyles this week – refer to what your teacher told you instead. You can ask them on BAND (

  • Acting & Improv:  Hair can be any style you wish, but please do something to keep it out of your face – like half up, or a pony tail.

  • Angels Cheer Team:
  • Ballet Mini (5-6) 5:30 pm class: High Bun, no part. Hair Accessory will go in front of bun on the top of the head
  • Ballet Mini (5-6) 6:30 pm class:
  • Ballet Jr (7-8):
  • Ballet Sr (9+):
  • Cheerleading – Mini: pony tail, on top of head. Bow will go on top, facing front.
  • Cheerleading – Jr: pony tail, on top of head. Bow will go on top, facing front.
  • Dance Company – Halo’s
  • Hip Hop 4-7: 
  • Hip Hop 8+: half up, half down
  • Jazz Ballet – Pre Monday (3-4):
  • Jazz Ballet – Pre Tuesday Morning (3-4):
  • Jazz (5+): low side ponytail. left ear.
  • Mother’s Day Out: Come as you are!

  • Tiny Tots: 
  • Tumbling (3-4) class
  • Tumbling (5-6) Tuesday
  • Tumbling Jr (7-8 year olds): as shown, with scrunchie on the bottom
  • Tumbling Sr (9+): 2 French braids with the scrunchie on a low pony tail.

Open (3-5 year olds): 

Wear: A pink leotard with a pink skirt and pink ballet slippers

Open (6+ year olds): 

Wear: A pink leotard with a pink skirt and pink ballet slippers