Show Videos

Pre Jazz Ballet Ages 3-4 Morning CLass “Fly to Your Heart”
Hip Hop Ages 4-7 “It’s Tricky”
Acting Skit 2 “Gum”
Mini Ballet Ages 5-6 “Once Upon a Dream”
Jazz Ages 5+ “Thumbs”
Pre Jazz Ballet Ages 3-4 Monday Class “Ma Belle Evangeline”
Dance Company – Hip Hop “This Instant”
Mini Ballet Ages 5-6 “Part of your World”
Acting Skit 3 “Fishing”
Kennedee Flores Solo “King and Queens”
Tiny Tots Dance & Tumble “Wind the Bobbin Up”
Jr & Sr Ballet “Young & Beautiful”
Pom Ages 4+ “Don’t Start Now”
Tap Ages 5+ “I’m a Sucker for You”
Pre Jazz Ballet Ages 3-4 Thursday Class “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
Acting Skit 4 “Echo”
Dance Company – Lyrical “Dream”
Singing with Choreography “This is Me”
Ballet Pointe Ages 11+ “Titanium”
Acting Skit 5 “Elevator”
Contemporary “Madness”
Audrey Lewandowski & Kennedee Flores Duet “Survivor”
Acting Skit 6 “Plane”
Dance Company – Jazz “Little Things”
Hip Hop Ages 8+ “That Power”
Jr Tumbling “#1 You”
Tumbling Pre-K Ages 3-4 “Following the Leader”
Acting Skit 7 “Invisible Bench”
Acting Skit 7 “Encore”
Sr Tumbling “Rush”
Cheer Prep – Dance & Cheer “Win” & “Every Girls a Superstar”
Angels Cheerleading Competition Team